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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 11, 2016 12:30pm-2:31pm EDT

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a day that goes by my family does not think about you, we love you. brotherschroeder and my william h kelly jr. may has kindness to if you are a stranger, he treated you like a friend. if you were a friend, he treated you like family. let us all treat each other as family. [applause] ♪
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>> so the pictures and the sounds as a wrap up this 9/11, fromanniversary ceremony new york city on c-span. we will show you all of today's memorials in its entirety this afternoon here on c-span. -- we areseeing seeing reactions from -- to she tweeted out this picture with her standing with a
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delegation along with secretary jeh johnson and hillary clinton. hillary clinton attended the ceremony in new york this morning and left early, her campaign issuing a statement saying she left after feeling overheated, and is now feeling better. another member from new york should this picture from the 9/11 memorial. there you see it. hines tweeting this out in connecticut. sharesntative elizabeth this picture with the caption, the beautiful september 11 memorial in newton. we also have congressional members tweeting videos, some hartzler of-- vicky -- anyi and senator senator of south dakota. ofon friday, on the steps
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our nation's capital, i joined colleagues remember those we lost in the senseless attack 15 years ago. as we sang, i was flooded with a motion. bute of sadness and loss, also a gratitude and resolve. today marks the 15th anniversary of the september terrorist attacks on america when almost 3000 americans lost their lives in new york, the pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania. we honor the victims of the senseless acts and their loved ones. we honor those who charged into the flames to help their fellow americans. and we honor those who risk or have given their lives since the fight to ensure we remain free from future attacks. we are afforded a unique perspective after 15 years, one of innocence lost, but american resolve found. we have met the generation's test to stand for freedom
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against a tough challenge, and we have persevered. we are wiser, better, stronger. today, as we remember the fallen, their families, the bravery of those who face countless lives on those dark days and those who are still fighting today, we stand united, dedicated to never forget, never give in, and never lose hope. may god surround and comfort those who lost so much of that day, and may he bless and protect our great nation. >> it is hard to believe it has been 15 years since 9/11. for many of us, we will never forget the memories of that day. four be, i had breakfast in the pentagon -- for me, i had breakfast in the pentagon and left 20 minutes to for the plane hit. i remember getting back to my
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office on capitol hill and a policeman comes running through the halls saying, get out, get out, there is another one coming for us. and people streamed out into the streets not knowing what was happening, how many attacks there would be, or who might be affected. i remember going to new york a couple of weeks later, and the smell of the twin towers, which were still smoldering, is one of those smells that you could never, never forget. i keep a couple things in my office to help reminded me of that day. flagf them is a little ribbon. i was given this a few days after the attacks of 9/11 when some of us went back over to the pentagon to honor those who lost their lives in that attack. but with this little ribbon, i also keep on my shelf in my office, a dog tag that was given
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to me by the parents of sergeant gary johnson from texas. he died defending the country against terrorists in 2007. but it is one reminder to me that a lot of brave men and women have served. some have been injured, some had even died in trying to make sure there is not another 9/11 that kills more americans. so, this is a day to remember that awful day when america was attacked. but it is also a day to honor those who served our nation and try to make sure it never happens again. day,remember early in the i was in the capitol complex, and our office was in the house lawn building. when it became clear what was going on, they evacuated the building. >> i have a very tragic alert right now.
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an incredible plane crash into the world trade center and the lower tip of manhattan. >> i remember talking to our youngest daughter. she had two questions -- dad, are we safe? are we going to get the bad guys? the answer to the first question, was yes, we are safe. and the answer to the second question was, yes, we are going to get the bad guys. we enjoyed tremendous freedoms, tremendous religious and incredible good fortune living in this country and specifically living in south dakota. that does not happen by chance or accident. it happens because there are people out there every single day who are putting their lives on the line to make that possible. >> we are going to bring you an
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event that took place this morning outside the pentagon on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. we heard from president obama as well as defense secretary ash carter. >> ladies and gentlemen, at this time, president barack obama, secretary ash carter and mrs. stephanie carter, general joe dunford and mrs. ellen dunford will take you to the life lost at the pentagon and on american airlines flight 77 october 11, 2001. by placing a wreath at the pentagon memorial.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the flag on the pentagon building. it hangs today from sunrise to sunset and honor of patriot day, and in remembrance of the 184
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lives lost at the pentagon. ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of united states, performed by the united states army brass quintet. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, margaret gibbon. >> would you pray with me? god, we and eternal posit this day and is hallowed it monuments around the country to remember husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, friends -- term member the warmth of their -- to
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remember the warmth of their smiles and last words, the gift of their lives. now help us never forget that it has been your grace that has allowed us the time we were able to share, which has enabled us to hold onto the fondest memories, and provides us moments like this to cherish forever. god, we posit this day to remember, to remember those who first responded, the unsung heroes, civilian and military, emergency services, law enforcement, who fought valiantly that day to preserve the countless lies trapped within these walls, and those who over the last 15 years across the globe, sacrificed their lives, defending the freedom our enemies sought and still seek to destroy. help us to never forget the examples of courage and fortitude these men and women demonstrated in the face of danger and hardship. north to forget the ideals that
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have defined our nation, which they died to defend and which are now the responsibility of every american citizen to uphold. and now, as we remember, we ask you not to forget us. allow your will to transform our memorial into a lasting commitment to those whom we have lost. to the nation that you have preserved. and to a future defined by the values we hold dear. it is in the strength of your name we pray, amen. ladies and gentlemen, 15 years ago, at nine: 30 7 a.m., the pentagon was attacked. us in observing the moment of silence for those who perished.
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ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, joe dunford. -- general joe dunford. mr. dunford: mr. president, secretary and mrs. carter, distinguished guests, and most important to the family and friends of those we lost on september 2001, those who survived the attack on the pentagon, good morning. it has been said that the manner in which the community cares for its fallen reflects the people's respect for their land and a loyalty to high ideals. we are here in that spirit to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.
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to maintain our commitment to never forget. and to demonstrate our loyalty to high ideals. whether they were ordinary citizens going about their daily lives, or those in uniform serving to protect our values and way of life, those we lost 15 years ago today were killed for what they believed, what they represented. over the years, i have heard the attacks of 9/11 described by some as senseless acts, and perhaps it does seem cell phones for those who have endured the loss of a spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, or friend. but to the individuals who conducted these acts, the loss of life was not senseless. the terrorists who struck on 9/11 did so with a sense of purpose. they did so in a direct attack on our way of life and on our values. so, as we recall the events that took place 15 years ago, those still serving should ask for god
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's blessing on those who died, those who continue suffering from injuries, and those were left behind. we should also recall who we are, what we do, and why we serve. soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard men, and civil service serve because of our belief in high ideals. and we serve to protect our families, friends, and fellow citizens. years ahead, the recalling the memories of 9/11 leaves us with a renewed sense of commitment to our values, and today's gathering or binds us of how important it is to defend those values, then those who were taken from us prematurely will be able to look down and no their lives had meaning. it will be able to take pride in how we are carrying on their legacy. it is now my privilege to introduce someone who has spent his life in service, our
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secretary of defense, the honorable ashton carter. [applause] ashton carter: today, we returned to the site of an attack motivated by barbarism and hate. worldack that rattled the , that shook this might he building --that shook this mighty building and took lies at the pentagon as well as thousands in new york and pennsylvania. dunford,dent, chairman honored guests, family and friends of those we lost on 9/11, today we come together as we have if -- as we have every year since 2001. we come term member those we lost that day and stand with friends and family to honor those we will never forget.
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we come together to reflect on all we have done together to recover and rebuild, to respond and to retaliate. and we come together to recommit to our hard, but certain mission, to protect our country and our people, and to make a better world for our children. to all of those here before us who lost loved ones 15 years ago, our hearts and deepest sorrows are with you. we know that we can never fully know what you feel on this solemn day and you return to this place. but we do know that we fully know what your loved ones sacrifice means to our department and to our country. and what your resolve means to all of us as become to work each day to continue the mission your fallen loved ones summoned us to
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, as we do, your example makes us stronger, and for that, we are grateful. we need that strength, and we have that resolve as we continue to confront and defeat those who conspire to attack us then, and all who aspire to do so today. indeed, when someone strikes at the heart of what we stand for, we respond with the full might of the finest fighting force the world has ever known. because our memory is long, and our reach in resolve are endless, our enemies cannot hide, they cannot escape, they cannot endure. wherever they are, they will surely, no matter how long it takes, come to feel the righteous fists of american might. many september 11, 2001, of america's s men and women have volunteered to respond to
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those attacks and to defend what is best about american civilization itself. our freedoms, our values, our care for life, our way of life. it is because of those americans, their service and sacrifice, that the united states have hammered those who have attack as with every measure of american power, ,hoking terrorist's networks and bringing osama bin laden to justice eternal. it is because of those americans that 15 years later, as the threat of terrorism involves, our fight continues. whether they still call themselves al qaeda, or cloak themselves the need a black flag of what nothing changes we do to protect our country. we possess limitless resolve to win, and the wind of goodness at our backs.
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it is because of those americans, that even as we confront the forces of darkness, the united states has continued to light the way toward a better future. whether the long battle against terrorists, our men and women in uniform steadfast ever, have provided the security and upheld the values that have allowed many upon million of people, not just in united states, but around the world, to be safe, to raise their children to dream their dreams, to live lives that are full. ,s a result, decades from now when visitors to this memorial pause to remember the life lost on september 11, 2001, they too will honor the men and women of the 9/11 generation, and give thanks for all the have accomplished. they will forever be the true reflection of who we are as a nation, and a military. a powerful memorial to those
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lost 15 years ago, and a charge to us at a time of great change and challenge, that we must continue to meet. dedicated to more doing so that our commander-in-chief. taken eachbama has year now of his presidency the time for member 9/11. here orhere, -- whether in new york, he is never missed a year, not one. he has also never forgotten that day those we lost. i continue that no one pays more care each and every time he send men and women fourth from this building into harm's way. i can tell you that he never relaxes in pursuit of those who threaten america. those,and gentlemen, for themany other reasons,
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president of united states, barack obama. [applause] pres. obama: good morning. >> good morning. pres. obama: scripture tells us let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you. write them on the tablet of your heart. secretary carter, chairman dunford, outstanding members of our armed forces, and most of all, survivors of that september day and the families of those we lost, it is a great honor, once again, to be with you on this day. a day that i know is still
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difficult, but reveals the love ,nd faithfulness in your hearts and in the heart of our nation. we remember, and we will never forget, nearly 3000 beautiful lives taken from us so cruelly. women, and84 men, children here. the youngest, just three years old. we honor the courage of those who put themselves in harms way to save people they never knew. prayer andether in gratitude for the strength that has fortified us across the 15 years. and we renew the love and the faith that binds us together as one american family. 15 years may seem like a long families who the
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lost a piece of their heart that day, i imagine it can seem like just yesterday. perhaps it is the memory of a last kiss given to a spouse, or the last goodbye to a mother or father, a sister, or a brother. we wonder how their lives might have unfolded, how their dreams might have taken shape? and i am mindful that no words we offer or deeds we do good ever truly erase the pain of their absence. yet you, survivors, and families of 9/11, your steadfast love and faithfulness has been an inspiration to me and to our entire country. even as you mourned, you summoned strength to carry on. in the names of those you have lost, you started scholarships and volunteered in your
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communities, and done your best to be a good neighbor, and a good friend, and a good citizen. and in your grief and grace, you would find it us that together, it is nothing that we as americans cannot overcome. the question for us is how do we preserve the legacy of those we lost? how do we live up to their example? how do we keep their spirit alive in our own hearts? answer inave seen the a generation of americans. our men and women in uniform, diplomats, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals, all who have stepped forward to serve, and to have risked and given their lives to keep us safe. thanks to their store neri service, we have dealt
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devastating blows to al qaeda. we delivered justice to osama bin laden. we strengthened our homeland security prevented attacks and saved lives. to continue doing everything in our power to protect this country that we love. today, we once again pay tribute to these patriots, both military and civilian, who served in our name, including those far away from home in afghanistan and iraq. perhaps most of all the state to to the spirit of this day by defending not only our country, but also our ideals. 15 years into this fight, the .hreat has evolved wit with her stronger defenses, terrorist attempt attacks on a smaller, but still deadly scale. encourageeologies
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people to commit unspeakable violence. we have warned the loss of innocence from boston to san bernardino to orlando. qaeda, like i sil, know that they will never be able to defeat a nation is great and as strong as america. instead, they try to terrorize in the hopes that they can still -- they stoke enough fear that we will turn on each other, and change who we are, or how we live. and that is why it is so important today that we reaffirm our character as a nation. people drawn from every corner of the world, every color, every religion, every background. found by a creed as old as our
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, we are one. diversity, that our our patchwork heritage is not a weakness, it is still, and always will be, one of our greatest strengths. this is the america that was attacked that september morning. mustis the america that we remain true to. across our country today, americans are coming together in service and remembrance. we run our fingers over the names a memorial benches here at the pentagon. we walk the hallowed grounds of a pennsylvania field. we look up from the gleaming tower that pierces the new york city skyline. but in the end, the most
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enduring memorial to those we lost is ensuring the american and we continue to be. that we stay true to ourselves. that we stay true to what is best in us. that we do not let others divide us. day fork this solemn the last time as president, i american'shink of stories that i have been humbled to know that embody the true spirit of 9/11. of wells, justge 24 years old, in the south tower, the man in the red bandanna who spent his final moments hoping strangers to safety before the towers fell. it is the resilient of the avenue,e on eighth
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patriots who lost a dozen men, but suit up every day. it is the love of a daughter who's father, in his last moments on the phone from the towers, told her, i will always be watching over you. it is the resolve of those navy seals who major justice was finally done. who served as we must live as a nation, getting each other's backs, looking out for each other, united, one mission, one team. the ultimate sacrifice of men -- women who americans who gave their lives in faraway places so we could be here today, strong and free, and proud. it is all of us. every american.
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who gets up each day, lives our lives, carries on. because as americans, we do not give in to fear. we will preserve our freedoms and the way of life that makes us a begin to the world. a beacon to the world. write them on the tablet of your heart. and how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as a nation, we have the opportunity each and every day to live up to the sacrifice of those heroes that we lost. may god bless the memories of the loved ones here and across the country. they remain in our hearts today.
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you watch over these faithful families and those who protect us, and may god forever bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪
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[playing "america, the beautiful"]
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grace"] "amazing
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>> and the scene this morning and shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 crashed 15 years ago today, 9/11 memorials this morning, we covered them live on c-span and this afternoon we are bringing them to you as replays. this runs about an hour and five minutes. 2:30 eastern, we will bring you the new york city memorial in its entirety. the fruited plains.
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, god shed hisca grace on thee. thy good, with brotherhood. from sea to shining sea. o beautiful for spacious dreams, deadly beyond thy years.
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, god shed hisca grace on thee. withrown thy good, brotherhood, from sea to shining a. shining sea ♪ [applause] >> good morning. i am the regional director of
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the northeast regional. i work with the staff of over 2000 national park service employees to preserve 80,000 national park from virginia to maine including flight 93 national memorial. we get a today to honor the heroes of flight 93. when the skies over this field gave their lives in order to afford -- in order to thwart an attack on the capital. i want to thank the many representatives in attendance today, including folks on stage here with me, president of the 3, gordonof flight 9 phelps, senator bob casey, senator pat toomey, congressman bill shuster represent pennsylvania's ninth district, keith ross i want to recognize the office whourface mining director was director pennsylvania's
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bureau of mining and reclamation and helped clear the way for the acquisition of this site for the construction of this memorial. i would also like to mention pennsylvania governor tom wolf, who scheduled to be with us today, but had to cancel his plans as a result of the death of his father on friday. our thoughts are with the governor and his family today. and to our many federal state and local representatives and partners in attendance today, and you for your partnership and contributions in keeping the memory alive of the passengers and crew of flight 93. now, will you please rise for the presentation of the colors by the u.s. navy ceremonial guard and the singing of the national anthem by the newark boys chorus. please remain standing for the moment of silence led by the reverend. forward, march.
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>> ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright
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stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
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>> a great teacher wisdom, a spiritual guide once told a group of academic how he learned , and what love truly is. and yet he learned that lesson from a farmer. he gathered one day with a group of farmers at the center at their -- of their village and they said down for an evening of wine, whichfine always leads to singing and to storytelling. in the midst of all of that good
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time, a moment came of profound silence. the good all feeling warmth of the wine. one of the farmers leaned over and asked the farmer next to him, do you love me? thinking the farmer immediately rate by, i love you very much. and they fell into silence once again. farmer who asked the question finally said, you say that you love me. need.u don't know my you don't know my need.
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you wouldlly love, know what i need. again.y fell silent and the spiritual guide said that in that moment he finally understood love. that he finally understood. how it is true love. it is to know the needs of another. needs.bear their thatsorrows, their joys, is true love. name in this moment, they knew what we needed on that day.
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need greatly.our truly.they loved us, look into your hearts now and in respect and honor the moment of silence. amen, and amen. >> thank you, please be seated.
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somerset county koren are will now lead the reading of the names, mr. miller will be joined by family members reading the names of their loved ones. for each names matthew prosser and gina rose from shanksville stony creek high school will ring the bell of remembrance. these students were both born after september 11, 2001. themcmillan will then read litany of remembrance.
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>>[reading of the names]
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[reading of the names]
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this is the litany of remembrance. in the rising of the sun and it's going down we remember them. in the blowing of the wind and the chill of winter we remember. in the opening of and in the rebirth of spring, we remember them. in the blueness of the sky and the warm summer, we remember them. in the rustling of leaves and the beauty of autumn, we remember them. in the beginning of the year and when it and we remember them.
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when we are in weary and needy of strength we remember them. when we are lost in sick at we remember them. when we have joys we are to share, we remember them. so long as we live they too shall live. for they are now a part of us as we remember them. >> thank you mr. mcmillan. the national park service is honored to be the steward a flight 93 national memorial. battle --emorials battlefields and assorted sites honor and remember the sacrifices of those when in an hour of need rose to heights that if i all expectation. we gather on the spot as we do every year to honor the sacrifices of the passenger and
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crew of flight 93. by for filling the mission of this park and the mission of the national park service we will do our part to fill our nations collective promise as americans to never forget the passengers or the crew of flight 93. the national park service will be here every day of every year watching over this place, to keep it, protect it and pass it story on to this and future generations. i would like to now introduce today's speakers. is the 51st secretary of the interior. she was sworn in 2013. she works to ensure public land are accessible and relevant to all people from all backgrounds and to build a connection between the great outdoors and a new generation of americans. a president of the families of flight 90 two. his brother edward was a passenger of flight 93.
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he guided the development of hes national memorial road leads the families of flight 93 which is dedicated to memorializing the 40 passengers and crew of united flight 93 in partnership with the national park service area senator bob casey of pennsylvania, through the appropriations process and grant, he helped to secure over $22 million for the flight 93 memorial. this was used for the constructions of roads, parking utilities, drainage and a new two-mile access road and material for the memorial. senator tacy was the lead thesor of asked 1239, fallen heroes of 9/11 act which passed the senate. the bill was passed by both chambers and enacted before last christmas. this awarded three congressional medals to each attack site to flight 93 national memorial, the
1:51 pm
national september 11 memorial and museum and the pentagon memorial. senator pat toomey is a junior united states senator from 2011ylvania, serving since after three terms as congressman fourpence of thing is 15th district. members ands fellow advocating for the fallen heroes of 9/11 act in 2011. congressman bill shuster is a representative. he has served seven terms in hegress beginning in 2001 -- supported the development of flight 93 national memorial area secretary jewell. thank you, mike. thank you, family members for the remembrance of your loved ones and for your readings as well. 15 years ago today the course of american history changed.
1:52 pm
in this humble field near ,hanksville the u.s. pentagon the twin towers in manhattan and in every single home and heart of americans and abroad. remember every day we september 11 2011 -- 2001. i want to acknowledge the families of the 40 that are gathered here today. and the thousands of other family members of those who lost their lives. you have known the pain of loss, none of us would want to trade places with you, but we honor your sacrifice and those that gave their lives for the rest of us. we are gathered today among friends and neighbors, visitors, dedicated public servants to join it remembrance. want to give thanks to the public servants. to steve and jeff who were the soup and tender of this new
1:53 pm
national park site, to the men and women who wear the green and gray. they tell so stories -- the stories. our elected officials appear on stage and in the audience, thank you for your service. you have difficult jobs. we know the election season is difficult and we appreciate your service. and the same to governor wolf, who could not be with us. we could not have done this nce withoutemembera the support of many partners. the families of flight 93, from gordon phelps have done such great work, helping us work on land acquisition and design the memorial and understanding the family perspective that was so then to incorporate peer
1:54 pm
best. longtime partners of the national park service who assisted with fundraising, marketing, organizing volunteers. out toto give a shout the volunteers. we could not operate this facility without your help. for those who give their time and treasure the families and friends of flight 93, please join me in thanks to them. [applause] recognize that the fundraising to develop this could not have happened without the support of the national park foundation. thank you very much. the men and women of flight 93 had no idea that they would be our nations heros and heroines. or that they would lay down their lives for their nation else'sy, or for someone
1:55 pm
nation. but we come together as their champions. their actions saved the lives of untold numbers of people. i know for those of you that were old enough to remember that remember that day. i was in alaska. like so many of us, we found ways to understand to found solace. i found solace in nature and the great outdoors, but also in the company of people i didn't know and that some people i did. i saw a brand-new musical last week is about to play in new york on the spring. .t is called come from a way it is a wonderful, poison -- as people whoal came together as our planes were diverted from all over the world. it is a reflection on how we saw
1:56 pm
the worst of humankind and the best of humankind. places like this where we are today, where we have the opportunity to reflect to rekindle her patriotism and what we stand for and what we stand for four human being -- as human beings. i have had the honor in participating in the observance here twice before today. in 2000 13, my first year on the job, i joined in the evening a somber walk, and then morning event was the towing of the bells and the groundbreaking of this visitor center. takes where the visitor center was going. year, as we did the grand opening of this incredible facility that has now welcomed hundreds of thousands of people
1:57 pm
who pass through to better understand what happened that day. to try to make sense of the tremendous loss and to remember and reflect on the bravery, the courage and the sacrificed of the 40 passengers and crew. so far we have had really 400,000 visitors us this year. over 120,000 individuals many of you in the audience opened your check is to donate to help build this memorial. many people returned to see the new exhibit and were moved by the story, your stories and the stories that you shared with us. what a testament to the life and the legacy of the passengers and group of flight 93. so many had come to pay respects. have share their reflections in the visitor start log book. i would like to share a few of them with you this morning. many of them put into context what we always struggle to grasp and understand.
1:58 pm
the one person says, united you stood so we could live. you will never be forgotten. you have shown that normal, ordinary people can be true heroes. another says, i touched every name on the wall outside as if it was like touching them the way they touched me with their love and their courage. i will never forget that day and i will never forget them. by af the most striking visitor that has no memory of the attack proves that all americans no matter what age will honor the sacrifices. this now from a 17-year-old. -- in thell done a good of our nation. i was only two at the time so i do not remember it happening. but that does not mean that i
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have forgotten what you did. thank you so much for your sacrifice. you will be rewarded in heaven for your courageous deed. god bless america and rest in peace. prove thatoughts this truly is a moving memorial to everyday citizens who came face to face with evil but the records -- courage saved untold lives and protected another sacred american site, the u.s. capital. site is the final resting place but also a place for us to honor what they have given to all of us. what president lincoln called the last full measure of devotion. when he stood on another pennsylvania field not too far from here. all of us here will never forget the tragic day.
2:00 pm
we must acknowledge the growing number of americans like my own grandchildren who have no direct memories of these attacks. the national park service is charged with interpreting moments and people like this from future generations and to ensure that parks are relevant to all americans especially now as the park service enters its second year of service, serving as 100 years as american storyteller. national park star absolutely american, democrat appeared they reflect us at our best rather than our worse. he could have easily been referring to the passengers and the crew of flight 93. we know that when confronted with violence ego realization of their situation the 40 men and women formed a plan and did the most democratic thing imaginable. they voted before deciding to carry it out. national parks preserve what is
2:01 pm
best about our country including the foundations of the democracy on which our nation was established. from places like independence hall in the deerfield to gettysburg, seneca falls and flight 93, america's 400 13 we'veal park units, advised together the diverse stories of our shared history and the unity cultures that make up our national story. the 40 heroes and heroines of understood that the collective strength of our nation is found in a creed that is as old as the finding of america. eat service earn them -- quantum. [applause] it brings me great pleasure to introduce gordon felt the
2:02 pm
president of the families of flight 93. his brother died on that day. he has worked tirelessly to make sure the voices of the families are heard and reflected in the visits here. is supporting a camp that serves artistic children. i feel blessed to have known him since 2013. he is a true champion for the site and for every thing that the heroes and heroines of flight 93 demonstrated are the best in humanity for all of us. good morning.
2:03 pm
families, friends, tom, wally, so many wonderful people i see out in front of me all day -- today. , takingmmunity members the time to join us today to commemorate the 15th anniversary of september 11, 2001. i welcome you and offer you my gratitude. i offer my gratitude for actively remember our losses. the individuals, the collective actions, remembering the heroism as a life-changing event that unfolded here on the hallowed ground of the flight 93 national memorial as well as in new york and the pentagon. with each year we have seen the beautiful memorial rise to or our very eyes growing from a few
2:04 pm
that of hay on yonder hill served as the beginning of our temporary memorial to the development of our sacred ground , the wall of names, the visitor and learning centers, the pedestrian bridge and all of the aspects of the design to stand -- that stands before us today. completeddesign to be at the tower of voices that will stand at the entrance to this memorial, 93 foot tower containing 40 wind chimes that will represent the voices of our loved ones standing proudly and defiantly to be seen by all who enter this distort site -- historic site. to 2018 when we can dedicate the star and be able to say that we have done our best to create a proper memorial in which future generations will learn about the
2:05 pm
heroes that help to change the course of history on that dark morning 15 years ago today. today is about so much more than the surrounding structures, our losses and the effect of september 11 on our lives. today is a time where we can devote our entire and collective consciousness to remember the 40 passengers and crew members of united flight 93. most of us here today did not need marble walls, a tower of wind chimes or a visitor center to remind us of the sacrifice made here 15 years ago. the local community of shanksville and surrounding communities in somerset county did not need to be reminded about how their lives were and continue to be affected by september 11. and washingtons dc need to be reminded that if
2:06 pm
not for the actions of the four heroes, their lives and the course of our country's future can be more altered. we remember, we embrace the memory of each of the 40 heroes. for as long as we let and as long as we remember, their spirit lives in the sacred ground. it is in our hearts. the structures and design is not for us, it is for those who are not forgotten and they are for tomorrow's children so that the events of september 11, 2001 are not lost to history. it is important we embrace the lessons on that day and take time to record a factual accounting of the events here at the flight 93 national memorial that unfolded before many of our eyes that morning. erode alleventually emotional connection to september 11. if there is nothing less -- less
2:07 pm
to remember beyond emotion there is nothing left to remember. 11ase don't let september become just another day. i fear the day that september 11 providing aedge long weekend and excuse for a tonal technique. there's picnic. a way to guide her stuff in your lives. tell stories of september 11 and encourage a generation to learn about that day. be better, be braver. be stronger and more willing to stand against tyranny. the lessons we learned on september 11 that as a community , and a country and as a world we stand stronger together rather than as individuals. thank you.
2:08 pm
[applause] ♪
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[applause] let me first think the choir again for those words. it gives us comfort and hope. we are blessed by their talent. feltend britain, gordon and all the families of light 93 to our here, secretary joule, all at the national park sent to we heard from tom mcmillan
2:12 pm
and again the choir. we gather at the sigrid site to do a number of things. we gather to remember and to express gratitude. we gather to mourn and we hope to comfort. we are reminded of those words, " blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted." we hope today we can provide a measure of comfort. tributetoday is to pay to those 40 americans, remarkable people that we remember today. we gathered to pay tribute to them, but also to draw inspiration from their lives and certainly from their actions on that horrible day in this place.
2:13 pm
difficult to come up with the right words, sometimes you have to turn to scripture, and sometimes to prayers and hymns. the choir was, as we were coming in was singing america the beautiful. that great and some that said important part, " o beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved, who more than himself their country loved" what a good description of their actions on that day. oldoes on to say," beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years."
2:14 pm
their merit not be a better word to describe those americans than that single word, patriot. in the moment and our they had to prove themselves to be patriots. we all hope we can do the same. i'm not sure that i could. quarter, they acted like so many generations of americans before them on battlefields across the world and indeed on battlefields here in the united states. they acted to save lives of others, people they did not know and people they would never meet. people that their families would never know or meet. let us remember those patriots on this day, who did see beyond to aears to a better day, day when others would not be so threatened by the horror of
2:15 pm
terrorism. ,n this day, we pray for them we pray for their families, of course, and we pray for our families. daten a special way on a like today, we pray for ourselves, too, that we may be worth the -- worthy of their valor. thank you very much. [applause] you theo introduce to mr. cap to me -- senator pat toomy. you, special thanks to the spark -- park service. i am honored to be in the presence of the families and friends and the the heroes of flight 93. reverend britain and esther
2:16 pm
felt. part of the story is a story of a dark mess at the most brutal and degraded aspects of humanity and innocent lives lost at the hands of terrorists. ,ut in the face of that dark us september 11, it also reminds us of the best of humanity, the heroes who are all around us on that day. americans who performed extraordinary act of valor and self-sacrifice. we remember the first responders who ran up the stairs in the world trade center to save lives and to enable other people to run down. we remember the military and civilian employees at the pentagon who rescued their colleagues from the burning debris and of course the 40 passengers and crew members of flight 93, who died here and sacrificed their lives to save an unknown number of others.
2:17 pm
memorial, their heroism and the memory are all personal for me and my family. like many, i believe the target was the u.s. capital. i was working in the capital as a member of congress at day. because ofble that the heroes of flight 93, i was able to go home to my family, my wife was spared being widowed, our two older children grew up with their father. our youngest was able to be born. to findnever be able the words to express the appreciation that we have to the 40 heroes of flight 93.
2:18 pm
what we can do is we can do our part to keep the memory alive. we have a duty to do this for this and for future generations, to remember both the evil that killed nearly 3000 people but also the virtuous this and the bravery that saved so many more. my wife chris and i have often spoken with their children about the courageous act of the 40 on flight 93, two years ago chris and our kids were here for the groundbreaking of the beautiful visitor center and learning center, driving and the stakes that defined the ground for which the visitor complex would be built. this is just one small way we can do our part to remember the important history that occurred here. as much or maybe more than any other state the ground of pennsylvania have been hallowed by critical moments in american
2:19 pm
history, valley forge, gettysburg. 15 years ago today in this field, history was made again. our state is the birthplace of heroes and the final resting place of heroes. our country is safer and more free because of them. the passengers and crew of flight 93 are among our heroes , god here in pennsylvania bless the souls of the memory of those brave americans and god bless america. thank you. [applause] tois now my pleasure introduce congressman bill shuster. >> thank you. thelies of flight 93, all members of the park service, senators and reverend britain, it is an honor to be here today
2:20 pm
with you. as i visit shanksville and have any times, i am humbled to be standing at this spot. today is a day of remembrance of the 40 and there wrote act of stopping an attack on our capital. they were the first counter attack on the war in terror and we should always remember and honor them for what i did in those hours. it was a day of resolve. we must resolve to never let this happen again in our country. on september 11, i was in the capitol complex in washington where we believe flight 93 was headed to the capital. the 40 passengers and crew will forever hold a special, personal meaning for me and my family. we have created a beautiful and appropriate national memorial here.
2:21 pm
it looks quite different than it open fieldsast, the that were here on past anniversaries. it is a beautiful memorial to remember. many things in our nation have changed over the last 15 years, but i believe if you haven't and we have not forgotten. across america today people are holding ceremonies like this, remembering 9/11 and what happened to our nation. thing that has not changed is i believe we still have our hope. world,r a more peaceful hope for a united states, which i believe is the greatest nation in the history of the world. we need to hold onto that and keep the faith. one of my favorite movies, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing
2:22 pm
ever dies. i am on her to be here with you today and got bless the families and less the souls of the 40 and may the god -- may god continue to bless the united states of america. [applause] -- newark boys choir sound wonderful. please give them a round of applause. [applause] absolutely beautiful. thank you all for joining us today and helping us honor the flightnd passengers of 93. the visitor center will open at noon and you are in void -- invited to join us at 12:40 p.m. for the wreathlaying program at
2:23 pm
the wall of names. ladies and gentlemen please stand while the navy guard retires the colors. once they are retired, please be seated to allow the family members to enter the visitor center. i may have skipped a musical number. ok. we will do a musical number and then retire the colors. thank you.
2:24 pm
we will get this right. once you tell the navy to go, they go. have a closing music provided by the newark boys chorus. thank you very much. ♪
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[applause] ♪
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[applause] this is the scene this morning and shanksville, pennsylvania. this the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. vice president joe biden tweeting, we honor of the nearly 3000 lives lost and the courage of the first responders who rushed towards danger. thisryan tweeted out message, congress stands united, we will never forget. nancy pelosi saying, 15 years after september 11 we remember and honor those who died and those who will forever be impacted. some additional messages from members of congress. republicans,m
2:30 pm
> on friday, on the steps of our nations capital, i joined my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to remember those we lost in the senseless attacks 15 years ago. as we sang god bless america i was flooded with emotion. the sadness, loss, and also gratitude and resolve. today marks the 15th anniversary of the september terrorist -- september 11 terrorist attacks on america, when almost 3000 americans lost their lives in new york, the pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania. we honor the victims of the senseless acts and their loved ones. we honor those who charged into the flames to help their fellow americans. and we honor those who risk or have given their lives since the -- in the fight to ensure we remain free from future attacks. we are afforded a unique perspective after 15 years, one of innocence lost, but american


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